OFL Transactions   2018
Monday   "inactivated " "pick up " Sunday   end   not on opening day
Stats Start   Team   Transaction   player   player   Stats End   effective pd   replacement  
week 1 3/29 Waffle Whiffers replace S Vogt C Stewart
3/29 House of David replace G Holland A Ottavino
3/29 House of David replace S Miller F Salas
3/29 Mole Pharmers replace J Samardzija B McCarthy
3/29 Mole Pharmers replace L Gohara P Strop
3/29 Mole Pharmers replace C Knebel M Albers
3/29 Mole Pharmers replace D Murphy R Flaherty
3/29 Tigers replace J Urias M Montgomery
3/29 Tigers replace J Turner Ad Gonzalez
3/29 Big Dogs replace S Souza B Goodwin
3/29 Big Dogs replace D Lamet C Stratton
3/29 Big Dogs replace J Nelson B Norris
3/29 Lynch Mob replace A Reyes R Gsellman
3/29 Lite Waits replace J Camargo C Asuaje
week 3 4/9 Lynch Mob replace J Flaherty T Ross T Ross
4/9 Big Dogs replace J Lamb D Marrero D Marrero
4/9 Hoosiers replace JT Realmuto P Severino P Severino
week 4 4/16 Tigers drop M Montgomery V Velasquez 4/15 4
4/16 Tigers replace M Bumgarner J Garcia
4/16 Tigers replace M Margot F Cordero
4/16 Big Dogs replace T Walker J Guerra J Guerra
4/16 Lite Waits replace T D'Arnaud J Lobaton J Lobaton
4/16 Lite Waits replace D Smith B Zobrist
4/16 Lite Waits replace L Forsythe E Henandez
4/16 Mizzou replace M Melancon C Richard
4/16 House of David replace T Flowers D Mesoraco
4/16 House of David replace E Suarez C Utley
4/16 Hoosiers drop T Lyons Z Wheeler 4/15 4 Z Wheeler
week 5